The first Chinese translator of The Road to Serfdom ,Yin, Hai-kwong

The first translator of The Road to Serfdom is the late scholar Yin, Hai-kwong (1919 – 1969).

He is Taiwanese philosopher. Yin, Hai-kwong fell in love with the philosophy and published lots of articles on Oriental magazine at the age of sixteen . In 1938, He admitted to the Department of Philosophy of the Southwest Associated University, and after graduating in 1942 ,he went on studying in Tsinghua University, the Institute of Philosophy. After graduation , Yin was appointed as the Central Daily News editorial writer in 1946, and taught philosophy and logic courses in Jinling university. Then he joined in “Free China” magazine which was found by Hu Shi, Lei Chen, Fu Su ,some famous liberal scholars at that time . In 1954, Hai-kwong went to Harvard University as a visiting scholar. He had studied and lectured there for one year .


Then he came back to Taiwan to teach in National Taiwan University . He published numerous articles on the “Free China” and the “motherland” magazine. he used his pen to fight for free speech on the iron clad time under the KMT government . Yin ‘s critical articles promoted freedom , individualism and democracy .That angered the Taiwan KMT government .Most of his books was banned and his colleague, lei zhen ,was put into prison .In 1967 ,he was restricted from Leaving Taiwan. Unfortunately at the same year , he suffered from stomach cancer .Two years later ,He died at the age of 49 years old.

Yin was deeply influenced by Russell, K. Popper and Hayek. He is a prolific writer in Taiwan. The most influential book is the translation of Hayek’s Road to Serfdom.