A brief report of The SAES

The SAES (Shanghai Austrian Economic Summit) went through very successfully  on July 20-22 at Hilton hotel in   KunShan city .Even though this is our first time to hold such a big event .The guests who attended the conference came from about 20 countries . 

There are lots of  libertarian groups and institutions which send their representatives to join or sponsor ,such as The International Society for Individual Liberty ,The Lion Rock Institution ,The the Language of Liberty Institute , The Cato Institute, Unirule Institute of Economics, The Acton Institute, Liberty Institute, The Impencil economic Institute , the Romanian Ludwig von Mises Institute, The Free Economy Institute in Japan. 

Speakers included Doug Bandow, Fred Foldvary ,Mark Skousen, Christopher Lingle,Ken Schoolland , Barun S. Mitra and Mises Institute technology whiz kid, David Veksler among many others. Nine of them are members of Mont Prelerin society which was a classical liberal society, founded by Friedrich Hayek and other scholars in 1947 .

More than 140 people attended the summit. Half of them were Chinese citizens , the other half came from all over the world . 

The open ceremony was hold by hosts , the Schoollands and Wuwei  at 18:30on .Then  father  Robert A. Sirico made a pray for the conference .Professor Feng Xingyuan and Mark Skousen delivered excellent speeches in turns  . 

The next day ‘s morning, Our Lectures started at 8 pm .We arrange four lectures by different speakers at the second floor ballroom. 

In the afternoon ,we open four different rooms which were the second floor ballroom ,Hibiscus A ,B,C .One lecture lasted one hour .So there are four time slots and the number of  lectures delivered  are 16 in afternoon. All lectures are open for everyone to choose freely .the July 22nd schedule are similar .The difference between two days are  topic and speakers . 

Ken Schoolland were host at the second floor ballroom .I worked behind the scene with others volunteers. Most of lectures were very good . I love lectures of Rev Sirico ,Mark Skousen ,Cris Lingle  ,Ken Schoolland ,and Rainar etc.

Sometimes there were arguments between teachers and audiences. I think most attendees would like to accept the idea presented. 

At the end of the conference , we hold a big banquet . Liu Junning had the last speech at the banquet .He try to told the difference of understanding liberty between two famous philosopher , Confuciuand Lao-tzu. 

July 23nd , I saw off most of professors and students and collected some of conference evaluation forms ,Most of them saidit was excellent .

Most of answers for  “Would you come again next year if we plan to hold another conference in 2013?” are “yes absolutely”, “of course ,yes “,”I would like to come”


The following link is for viewers to watch speeches of SAES



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